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Not really. But I have to mention that TWI’s e-zine publication, Leaf Litter, has just released the most recent issue. It is available for download from members and for individual purchase as a hardcopy from MagCloud. TWI recently partnered with MagCloud to offer on-demand printing of issues and I must say the print versions are very professional. A little pricey but very nice and for a good cause. TWI has made limited edition prints of all their issues (only a few prints exist of the first couple issues) but the current versions are superior. I supplied the front and back cover images and supplied a little article and images on tropical leaf litter lizards. Also inside are some great articles and photos by Mike Ready on captive breeding of Agalychnis annae, a fantastic fern article by Richard Revis [man, I hate to give that guy credit 😉 ], and an exciting travel article on searching Colombia for Dendrobates auratus by Frank Steinmann. Sharp eyes might recognize the photographer for the issue 3.1 cover. Have an article to submit? Contact me below.

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