Muchísimas Gracias

Life changes. And the longer one does this the greater the change. Over the years I’ve had partners that have supported me and my crazy endeavors. It gets awkward to list names in a circumstance like this but the special people that have joined me and shared their lives with me while I chase frogs deserve the most recognition. You know who you are. It was their support and companionship that has indulged me in my log flipping, slow searching, slower shooting, and absences from home.

Both Twan Leenders and Bill Lamar have been great friends, mentors, and traveling companions. They have been invaluable assets in the field and once at home in identifying animals as well as photographic and travel tips. I highly recommend Bill’s travel company, GreenTracks, as a great way to see the tropics. I have learned more about all things rainforest related from Bill than numerous books I’ve read on the subjects. In recent years I’ve been working in Peru with Mrinalini and Gideon Erkenswick Watsa with Field Projects International. They have been both great students and teachers.

I also must thank Todd Kelley for his companionship and assistance working with animals. They can be difficult subjects and his calm demeanor often means getting the shot. Doug Mason deserves huge credit for teaching me to look up at the feathered reptiles. I’d never resort to calling myself a ‘birder’ but it’s always good to have a backup plan when the herps are down. But then again he should get the blame for me having to get the big lenses to shoot them. Sam Murray and Bob Hansen have been great in assisting me with California’s herpetofauna. To the Chorus for encouraging my photography and writing; thanks guys and gals.

Moose Peterson has been a good friend and wildlife photographer role model and Joe McNally has inspired me to light and shoot herps as if they were human models. The list of academics and locals who have helped me wherever I have been has been endless. Those that have or will cross paths with me, I thank you for the help. The rest, I hope to see out there.

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