I am a bit torn about displaying a group of images on this site and calling it a portfolio. In the traditional sense this would be a showing of my best work. However, this is not always the case. This is a sampling of some my work since I’ve been shooting digitally. I have not yet embarked on widespread scanning of older images. And quite frankly I’d like to think that I’m always working on improving. I am a fairly harsh critic of my work. And most of these images I would find some fault or another. But that comes with working with wildlife, especially amphibians and reptiles, which by their nature means that I have to try to control everything and they are suppose to fight me all the way. Also, some of these shots are of some pretty cool animals that most people would not see otherwise.


A series of Image Wizards bright aluminum 24″ x 16″ panel prints displayed during the Visions Beyond the Badge exhibit in San Francisco.

I currently print my work on an Epson 3800 photo printer using their Ultrachrome K3 inks. These inks combined with Epson’s professional grade photo papers produces archival quality prints up to 17″ wide. In the future I plan on adding a shopping feature for purchasing prints. I’ve also had a few images printed from Image Wizards on their bright aluminum panels and they are Fantastic! I am picky about what I choose to print and offer but if there is something you see here that you must have then let me know and maybe we can work out a sale.

I also have a fairly extensive library of images of many other herpetological subjects suitable for editorial or commercial use so contact me if there is something specific you need.