This page will contain articles and essays that I’ve written that were not part of my blog writings. Here you will find photo illustrated stories and writings that had served a purpose elsewhere and now have a permanent home here or some pieces that are not suitable blog entries. New additions will be mentioned in the News section and listed on the home page for easy reference.

Poison Hunters: This is a piece I wrote a few years ago about dart-poison frog toxins and the study behind them. There is an epilog to it that will I will write up soon. Also, this article uses an older taxonomy that will be updated as well.

Poison Hunters – the epilog: I tried to edit the original piece to reflect the new knowledge gained since I wrote that piece. However, the taxonomic revision that has since been published kind of messed that up. So I wrote a simple ending touching upon some of these changes. I also went light on the references on this one.

Pacific Salamandering: A couple of years ago I wrote an article for TWI’s Leaf Litter magazine about the wonder of looking for salamanders around Northern California. I’ve changed many of the photos from the publication but the text remains the same. I hope this gives some inspiration to protect the habitat and enjoy these amazing amphibians.

Snakebit: Confessions of a Herpetologist was review of the 2009 novel by Leslie Anthony that I wrote for another publication. Due to a slight communication glitch it wasn’t published. It’s just been sitting in my files so I thought I might as well put it up.