I need more bookshelves

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But I don’t have the space. Someday, I’ll have a real office. And more bookshelves! Then I’ll have room for more books. At the Microcosm event I received a limited edition book from my dear friend Tracy Hicks. He is currently enjoying a Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship residence program in Washington, DC, which seems to be a great inspiration and source of new material. Not to mention the increased exposure and new connections this hopefully will bring about to his work. The book contains images from his studies and creations he’s generating from the collections material at the famed museum. It is a beautiful edition.

I also found out Twan’s collaboration has finally been published. He contributed watercolors, illustrations, and photos to the new Wildlife of Costa Rica guide. I’ve been waiting for quite some time for this. I must say that the small illustrations don’t do his full size original works justice. The same day I received a copy from Amazon.com I received a package from Twan with a signed copy and one of the original prints. I won’t say which one but I think it is the best. Maddy also sent me a limited edition print which now has a place of honor. Now if only he can get a new edition of his Guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Costa Rica finished then we could make that trip to Panama.

This week I also received my copy of Porras’s new publication mentioned earlier in this news section. Conservation of Mesoamerican Reptiles and Amphibians is an impressive text.

Not able to contain myself there were some other publications I received which makes me think I should add a recommended book section to this site.

Moose Peterson’s new book should be shipping soon. Captured: Lessons behind the lens… should be shipping next month. It’s been on my pre-order list for some time.

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