Color shift in photos

Posted on January 8, 2011 by Tim 2 Comments

I’ve noticed a slight color shift in some photos posted on my blog. This is not intentional. It is the result of massive downsizing and adjustment to large original files. I work with my images on a large color-corrected monitor as full size RAW files. Selected blog images are converted to small jpgs, a slight border added, and they are resaved. I then bring them into Adobe’s Flash where I convert them to flash files (sorry, not a fan but it helps slightly protect the images from blatant theft). I know that I can try to counteract the color shifting and will likely make some slight adjustments to this workflow to more accurately depict colors as seen in the larger files. I do not have this problem when working with larger files and formats for other means of publication. I mention this to anyone looking for other legitimate use of my images. I am new to this workflow and have some learning to do.


  • jim says:

    Fantastic site and great reading too!
    I’m a herper and saw your post on FHF. I’m into photography and I’m still learning as I go. I’ve been to Costa Rica twice and it was the best.
    The only thing I wanted to know more of but couldn’t find was the type of photo equipment you use. I’d like to hear some of your techniques on great photograpy.


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