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Posted on 09/09/12 by Tim No Comments

Ever hear of it? Most haven’t. It’s the study of cave life. I imagine when people think of cave life they first think of bats. Bats certainly do use caves as cover and safety but many caves networks are complex ecosystems. This summer a new publication was put out, Cave Life of Oklahoma and Arkansas; […]

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A New Field Guide

Posted on 09/08/12 by Tim No Comments

There are a growing number of regional field guides to the reptiles and amphibians. Thankfully those shelves are being filled with dedicated texts to countries lesser studied. However, North America, and the United States in particular, have been booming with guides focusing on a specific region. The Peterson Field Guides to Western and Eastern North […]

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Cool new frog species

Posted on 10/21/10 by Tim No Comments

For consistent readers of any number of scientific journal publications you’ll frequently come across a new frog species description. There’s almost 6000 described species of frogs. Estimates are that about half of them are suffering some sort of decline while many species have recently gone extinct. Some of those species were incredibly common, some were […]

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I’m famous!

Posted on 10/04/10 by Tim No Comments

Not really. But I have to mention that TWI’s e-zine publication, Leaf Litter, has just released the most recent issue. It is available for download from members and for individual purchase as a hardcopy from MagCloud. TWI recently partnered with MagCloud to offer on-demand printing of issues and I must say the print versions are […]

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