Sani Lodge Pt.3 – The Plants

Posted on January 16, 2011 by Tim 1 Comment

You can see the shallow roots created by this massive tree fall. This ~30m tall tree had roots that extended barely a meter into the earth.

Many trees have aerial roots. This allows stability and leaf capture similar to buttressing. And, in the case of ‘walking’ palms, the ever growing roots can slowly shift, or walk, the tree to areas of more sunlight.

Trees in themselves are habitat and provide a place for a host of other types of plants to grow and climb in the constant struggle for sunlight.

Fungi return the dead back into useable nutrients in exceedingly poor soils. Red cup fungi are common and play host to numerous small frog photos. I thought of creating the world’s largest collection of tiny frogs posed in these little props just to kill this cliche’d subject. Someday.

Fungi sprout up from everywhere and everything dead, however soon. They provide nice forms and compositions and make great photo subjects. Now to find a great photographer. These tiny mushrooms are very fragile and only last a couple of days.

Lastly, a lone cup fungi springs from the mossy bole of a fallen tree and glows in a ray of rare late afternoon sunlight filtered through the forest.

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One comment

  • Scott says:

    Must – have – shingle – plants …

    Seriously, very cool pictures – thank you for taking the time to look at areas that are not quite as passionate to you.

    Scott MacDonald
    Tucson, AZ

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