AmphiBios is finally here!!

Posted on August 15, 2010 by Tim 4 Comments

Seven years ago I had the idea to start a website dedicated to the education and photography of reptiles and amphibians. I obtained this domain name and there it sat. An empty page for 7 long years with the thought always on my mind of eventually putting up the content. I’ve stalled, talked, investigated and any other “I’ll get around to it” technique you can imagine. I took a clinic with Moose Peterson meant to inspire me to get this project rolling. I took lots of notes and several more baby steps. In the last year, more and more people have asked me about a website as I endlessly chatted them up either about photography or herps. I wanted to have a logo design and went so far as to try to hire someone. That didn’t work out. A couple months ago I did a web search and found entropic studio just a few miles away from me. I contacted Todd Walker who gave me the final push to get this thing going. Originally they were going to build the framework but the past 2 weekends I’ve numbed my ass and drank more coffee sitting at my desk plowing through the steep learning curve of learning how to design web pages using WordPress and themes. Starting from scratch this is the effort. Mind you some of this material in here has been generated for some time; just looking for a home. This project, though tedious, is hopefully the beginning of dedicated organization and a more constant stream of photo work. I am now forcing myself to continue my shooting and explore different techniques and subject.

I have more ideas to place in here. Content and design should be dynamic so please let me know what you think as I continue to work through this thing.


  • Lars Österdahl says:

    (Commenting here rather than in chorus, so that it is a test of the functionality…)

    Hi Tim. Congratulations! This will be really stunning, I am sure. I have three spontaneous comments (more when I have digested it all)

    1. As it is about photography also, it would have been nice to have the shooting data, plus date, plus place, with each pic.

    2. The editor in me reacts when I see the “It:s” on the front page ‘hanging’ at the end of lines.

    3. And your copy-right stamp over the enlarged pics is really ugly!

    But, as said, CONGRATULATIONS!


  • Beth says:

    Alas – As Tim’s wife, I miss his absence when he travels without me, but he has shown me so many beautiful places and introduced me to so many amazing things. It’s exciting for me to see his various creative avenues brought together in one forum. And now I can show others who don’t know him what he is about. As always honey – it’s a pleasure 🙂 – Beth

  • Shirley says:

    Tim – I know how restricted your time is and want to tell you how proud I am of this and all your herpetology interests and accomplishments. Following your path in this had been a dedication for you for years and I thank you for all the knowledge you’ve shared with me. I know you’ll continue this good work, time allowing, and thank you for all you’ve done and will continue to do in this field. You’re a very special person and an amazing son.

  • Cassandra says:

    I have enjoyed your site and look forward to sharing it with pupils and friends in my state of Oklahoma. I would enjoy seeing more pictures and stories of snakes as the notion goes out here, “the only good snake is a dead snake.” I believe through education less snakes would be needlessly killed. Thank you.

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