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One billion legs

Posted on 09/21/12 by Tim 7 Comments

I’ve spent countless nights walking through rain forests in search of herpetological wonders. I remember my first few visits being completely overwhelmed by the stimulus and activity of a forest. I think this feeling is more so at night. Your vision is limited to just what is cast by your flashlights or headlamps. Even with […]

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From the field – a test

Posted on 09/16/12 by Tim 1 Comment

I’m not poetic enough to suggest anything profound between life and kicking a soccer ball in South America. But I would add that any day you do is a good day. Today is a good day. Travel is an adventure. Oftentimes it is frustrating. Frustrating in that modern times we have changed expectations. 50 years […]

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Pt. Reyes Garter Snakes

Posted on 09/09/12 by Tim 5 Comments

For many people nothing strikes fear like the sight of a snake. For some it’s not just a startle but a gasping for breath, clutch the chest, sweating fear. Fear of snakes, ophidiophobia, is frequently listed as one of the top fears, even over death. One of the lofty goals of this site is to […]

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Posted on 09/09/12 by Tim No Comments

Ever hear of it? Most haven’t. It’s the study of cave life. I imagine when people think of cave life they first think of bats. Bats certainly do use caves as cover and safety but many caves networks are complex ecosystems. This summer a new publication was put out, Cave Life of Oklahoma and Arkansas; […]

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