Archive: August, 2011

Deadly snake?

Posted on 08/14/11 by Tim No Comments

My mentor and friend Bill Lamar is killing me. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a bushmaster. It’s my most sought after snake and I’ve yet to see one in the wild. He’s seen bunches of course. Recently he sent me an email – no text. Just a photo. Of him holding another […]

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Understanding Aperture – camera fundamentals

Posted on 08/08/11 by Tim 2 Comments

This white-lined leaf frog, Phyllomedusa vaillanti, walks along a branch. Shot at f/8 and 1/60 sec with a touch of flash to fill in the colors gives enough depth of field to render the important aspects of the frog sharp but keeps the background vegetation blurry and prevents it from distracting from the frog.   […]

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