Archive: March, 2011

Camera Gear

Posted on 03/28/11 by Tim 4 Comments

I’m frequently asked what kind of cameras do I use. I’ve been using the Nikon system for over 20 years now. I bought my first Nikon camera, the awesome pro film body F4s, in 1989. That camera along with my N8008s backup saw many thousands of rolls of Kodachrome, Ektachrome, and Fuji Velvia film as […]

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Some rainforest vegetation

Posted on 03/28/11 by Tim 6 Comments

No text for this brief entry. This is a continuation of the plant theme and discussion that I wrote about in the Sani Lodge – The Plants blog entry a few months back. The Caribbean slope of Costa Rica is incredibly rich in plants and subjects. If we hadn’t been catching so many snakes and […]

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Teacher as Student

Posted on 03/27/11 by Tim 1 Comment

I’m not sure how to add this entry. Although, this is my site and the photos and writings are my creations, and are a part of me, I try to separate my personal self from this public forum. I want people to know more about reptiles, amphibians, travel, conservation, and photography but I have no […]

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