Archive: January, 2011

Michael Ready website

Posted on 01/31/11 by Tim No Comments

Not that I have the following to impact this much but my good friend Mike Ready has just opened up his redesigned website. Mike takes some outstanding images of animals including underwater. He is an Associate member of the International League of Conservation Photographers; an esteemed group of shooters who use their images to make […]

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Phylum Onychophora

Posted on 01/30/11 by Tim 3 Comments

It’s has been many years since I studied the Tree of Life. Like much of evolutionary science it is near constantly in a state of flux as understandings between organisms is gained. Organisms are separated and classified by their origins and relatedness. Not too long ago all organisms were separated into 2 or 3 Kingdoms. […]

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Sani Lodge Pt.5 – The Amphibians!

Posted on 01/29/11 by Tim 4 Comments

At home I find myself drawn to frogs more frequently than snakes – well I should say when it comes to reading and studying about them. In the field though, snakes are what pushes me. I tell people that snakes are much harder to find or catch so the frogs get nabbed as simple by-catch. […]

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Sani Lodge Pt.4 – The Reptiles

Posted on 01/23/11 by Tim 4 Comments

I’ve already mentioned the reptile and amphibian diversity of Ecuador. It is an amazing place to be sure. But for the reptile installment of this series I’m going to try something a little different. Instead of getting into the science of my finds I’m going to write about the encounters and the photo sessions. It […]

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