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I need more bookshelves

Posted on 09/17/10 by Tim No Comments

But I don’t have the space. Someday, I’ll have a real office. And more bookshelves! Then I’ll have room for more books. At the Microcosm event I received a limited edition book from my dear friend Tracy Hicks. He is currently enjoying a Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship residence program in Washington, DC, which seems to […]

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I meant what I said

Posted on 09/14/10 by Tim No Comments

Last weekend I was in Seattle for the first Microcosm event. This event was sponsored by Tree Walkers International. The purpose of the show was to promote education through personal collections of life in glass boxes. Many people keep plants, fish, and amphibians (among many other organisms) in terraria and many of these people are […]

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If it were easy…

Posted on 09/02/10 by Tim 1 Comment

there would be lots more wildlife photographers. Well, I guess everyone seems to be a wildlife photographer these days. Nice cameras and powerful lenses do enhance the ability to get up close and take good pictures. But really good pictures require much more. For the past couple of weeks I went out to my favorite […]

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Microcosm 2010

Posted on 09/01/10 by Tim No Comments

I’ll be giving a presentation this Saturday at the Microcosm event in Washington state. I’ll be giving a pitch for people to spend more time from everyday to exotic locales in a quest to better understand the world around them and so that they may teach others the importance of preservation. For once I won’t […]

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