New Nikon gear announced

Posted on August 19, 2010 by Tim

Nikon announced some new camera gear today. As a long-time Nikon shooter I’ll be posting some of this information here in my blog. I’ve already had a few requests on gear info – that will be coming out in blog posts, articles, and other related stories so stay tuned. Back to Nikon…a new entry-level dslr, the D3100, a couple point’n’shoots, and 4 new lenses were just put up. The D3100 had 1080p HD-video capability so readers of tea leaves might guess at a feature in the inevitable D4 pro body. Of the four lenses the new 85mm f/1.4 is of the most interest to me. I don’t shoot portraits often but this lens replaces the infamously sharp and desired lens model before it. I wouldn’t mind having it just so I can work on some travel street scene stuff but alas, I see a 45mm PC lens before this one. See Nikon’s press release for more details.