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Michael Ready website

Posted on 01/31/11 by Tim No Comments

Not that I have the following to impact this much but my good friend Mike Ready has just opened up his redesigned website. Mike takes some outstanding images of animals including underwater. He is an Associate member of the International League of Conservation Photographers; an esteemed group of shooters who use their images to make […]

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Betsy the BotFly

Posted on 01/17/11 by Tim 4 Comments

I returned from Ecuador unknowingly having smuggled a host back home. If I knew and checked the ‘yes’ box on my customs declaration I have no idea what the officers would have done. Likely not a pleasant or easily explainable event.  Anyway, I have returned with my third bot fly embedded in me. It has […]

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Cool new frog species

Posted on 10/21/10 by Tim No Comments

For consistent readers of any number of scientific journal publications you’ll frequently come across a new frog species description. There’s almost 6000 described species of frogs. Estimates are that about half of them are suffering some sort of decline while many species have recently gone extinct. Some of those species were incredibly common, some were […]

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Toads vs Trout

Posted on 10/04/10 by Tim No Comments

A couple weeks ago I wrote up a day trip up to the Sierra to search for some amphibs, including the threatened Yosemite toad, Anaxyrus canorus. There has been some recent ecological debate regarding the practice of stocking land-locked high Sierra lakes with trout for sport fishing. In the recent issue of Copeia (2010, No. […]

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