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Conservation Through Travel

Posted on 04/27/13 by Tim 3 Comments

ome of you may have noticed that I gave a presentation at our Treewalkers International event in San Diego last month. Microcosm 2013 was a big success. Over the years I’ve given a series of lectures at frog events with each talk building on the previous. My theme has been the same – for conservation […]

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Phyllomedusinae – of monkeys and frogs

Posted on 04/13/13 by Tim 13 Comments

saw my first leaf frog in the wild about 15 years ago. I was in a Jacuzzi pool at a hotel in Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica. I was relaxing there one evening with my wife and another guest who was a Tico – a local. It was my first experience at cultural exchange […]

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One billion legs

Posted on 09/21/12 by Tim 7 Comments

I’ve spent countless nights walking through rain forests in search of herpetological wonders. I remember my first few visits being completely overwhelmed by the stimulus and activity of a forest. I think this feeling is more so at night. Your vision is limited to just what is cast by your flashlights or headlamps. Even with […]

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From the field – a test

Posted on 09/16/12 by Tim 1 Comment

I’m not poetic enough to suggest anything profound between life and kicking a soccer ball in South America. But I would add that any day you do is a good day. Today is a good day. Travel is an adventure. Oftentimes it is frustrating. Frustrating in that modern times we have changed expectations. 50 years […]

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