Category: Taxonomy

Phyllomedusinae – of monkeys and frogs

Posted on 04/13/13 by Tim 13 Comments

saw my first leaf frog in the wild about 15 years ago. I was in a Jacuzzi pool at a hotel in Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica. I was relaxing there one evening with my wife and another guest who was a Tico – a local. It was my first experience at cultural exchange […]

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Genus: Smilisca

Posted on 05/30/11 by Tim No Comments

It’s time for another taxon based entry. I had a hard time picking this one. Mostly because I wanted to do something a little unknown again. I decided to pick the genus Smilisca. It is a relatively small genus of Hylid frog of the Subfamily Hylinae containing just eight species. The most widespread of them […]

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Genus: Urotheca

Posted on 04/09/11 by Tim 4 Comments

The road up to Rara Avis looking up to the mountains, including the volcano Cacho Negro.   I have made somewhere around 15 trips to Costa Rica. Sometimes strictly as a vacationing tourist, sometimes teaching, sometimes doing herpetological fieldwork, but almost always trying to photograph as I go along. Costa Rica is a fantastic opportunity […]

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Phylum Onychophora

Posted on 01/30/11 by Tim 3 Comments

It’s has been many years since I studied the Tree of Life. Like much of evolutionary science it is near constantly in a state of flux as understandings between organisms is gained. Organisms are separated and classified by their origins and relatedness. Not too long ago all organisms were separated into 2 or 3 Kingdoms. […]

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