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Sani Lodge Pt.2 – The Place

Posted on 01/08/11 by Tim 3 Comments

Laguna Challuacocha as viewed looking westward from the lounge of Sani Lodge. With the introduction of the people of Sani complete I would now like to introduce the place.  The country of Ecuador is relatively small. Slightly larger than the US state of Oregon (or the UK for my Euro readers) in terms of area […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted on 11/25/10 by Tim No Comments

would like to wish its millions of United Statesian followers a happy thanksgiving. For all my loyal followers over hill and dale you can get stuffed too*. I give you the requisite Turkey Image. * In case this gets lost in translation that is a tongue-in-cheek reference to our holiday and permission for you all […]

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If it were easy…

Posted on 09/02/10 by Tim 1 Comment

there would be lots more wildlife photographers. Well, I guess everyone seems to be a wildlife photographer these days. Nice cameras and powerful lenses do enhance the ability to get up close and take good pictures. But really good pictures require much more. For the past couple of weeks I went out to my favorite […]

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