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Shushupe needles and jergón haystacks

Posted on 07/07/14 by Tim 4 Comments

“I’m an amateur herpetologist. I study frogs and snakes.” “Oh, so you’re looking for frogs?” “Well, snakes mostly. Frogs are easier to find. Snakes are not so easy so I look for them and find frogs.” “Is there a type of snake you’re looking for?”   And so begins a fateful conversation I’ve had dozens […]

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Conservation Through Travel

Posted on 04/27/13 by Tim 1 Comment

ome of you may have noticed that I gave a presentation at our Treewalkers International event in San Diego last month. Microcosm 2013 was a big success. Over the years I’ve given a series of lectures at frog events with each talk building on the previous. My theme has been the same – for conservation […]

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