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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted on 11/25/10 by Tim No Comments

would like to wish its millions of United Statesian followers a happy thanksgiving. For all my loyal followers over hill and dale you can get stuffed too*. I give you the requisite Turkey Image. * In case this gets lost in translation that is a tongue-in-cheek reference to our holiday and permission for you all […]

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Glass frogs!

Posted on 11/21/10 by Tim 1 Comment

A male Teratohyla spinosa climbs through the trees at Rara Avis Reserve, Costa Rica. Emerald green jewels barely an inch long with belly skin so transparent you can see the organs and beating heart within – these are the wonderful little frogs in the family Centrolenidae. In 2009 Guayasamín et al. revised the family in […]

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All 64-bit goodness

Posted on 11/21/10 by Tim No Comments

So I just settled down to write the next blog entry and spent a couple minutes updating the computer. I added Dropbox to the desktop to make it easier to work on files on the laptop and finish the post on the desktop. Cool stuff. And now the last 2 of Nik Software’s plug-ins for […]

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What is a toad?

Posted on 11/14/10 by Tim 1 Comment

What is the difference between a frog and a toad? I get asked that once in a while. As is usually the case with me I have to give a long-winded answer. Simply, and from a North American standpoint, the distinction is relatively easy. Toads are terrestrial. The have short limbs and a stout body. […]

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